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Madison Lee, married to Joel Lee, a former student at Compass Dance Academy, grew up in North Carolina where she began dancing at the age of three. Madison started taking ballet, jazz, tap and Irish at her first studio, but excitedly added lyrical, contemporary, hip-hop, and swing after moving studios at the age of five. It was then she began to compete in dance for what would be eleven years. Because of Madison’s love for dance and story telling through the art, she nearly pursued a career in dance performance at multiple art schools. However, when she was a sophomore in high school, because Madison was a new Christian, she began to greatly consider her priorities and contemplate if she was ready to pursue dancing as a profession.

After years of growth and deciding against going to school for performance, Madison finally began to understand how movement and art can be utilized as a light and tool in God’s Kingdom work. She is looking forward to stirring young passion and helping to cultivate a love for dance in her students this year for the glory of God and the advancement of his gospel! 

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