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“Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of Joy." 
Psalms 47:1


Compass Dance Academy welcomes all ages and talent levels to come and learn many types of dance through an approach that includes discipleship and mentoring. Compass is committed to helping each dancer find their true north and know the purpose for the gift they have been given.

Compass Dance Academy trains dancers of all ages in a joyous atmosphere where excellence is modeled through grace and encouragement, not fear and perfectionism. Our vision is to mentor each dancer to reach their full God given potential and release them to use their gift locally and around the world.

“I pray the eyes of your heart may be enlightened... that you might know the hope...” 

Ephesians 1:18


Leaving the U.K., and a most enjoyable dance ministry teaching around Britain in the 90's, Linda Wells was anxious to see exactly how dance would integrate with her husband's international ministry with Operation Mobilization (OM). Upon arriving in the States in 1998, she felt validated and blessed whenever asked to dance in various settings. Teaching 'Dance in Worship' at a local church on a weekly basis was a delight. 


Almost immediately, Linda received parental requests to teach classes to children but was somewhat reticent, having been out of the professional dance scene for some years. 


With heartwarming encouragement from many mothers, she began classes for younger dancers in 2005. As enthusiasm build, Linda prayed for younger professional dancers and teachers to join Dancelink, now a ministry of Inspiro Arts Alliance, based in Tyrone, to help teach the children, and enable the class schedule to expand. Sara Gratzer and many of her contemporaries with Refuge Dance Company soon came along. 


From 2007-2010, class attendance and student technique improved dramatically. Out of this Compass Dance Academy was born in 2011. We desire to build up beautiful visual communication that aids in the development and affirmation of our children and young adults physically, emotionally, and spiritually, thus enhancing our world locally and globally.

"I love Compass Dance Academy and their wonderful teachers! They are all knowledgeable teachers and skilled in dance. I especially appreciate their desire to train dancers mind, soul, and body. The attitude of the director spreads to the whole studio, that we are created to worship, and dance is a part of that worship."

Viola Pike | Compass Dance Mom

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