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Nancy received her early training in dance from her sister. During her high school years she spend summers studying at Atlanta Ballet and Texas Christian University. After high school she moved to Augusta, Georgia, in hopes of attending the Medical College of Georgia's physical therapy program to one day help those physically challenged and to be a physical therapist for a ballet company. However, her plans changed when she was accepted into the Augusta Ballet Company under the direction of Ron Colton. During her years with Augusta Ballet she was also trained as a teacher and found another love, heater. In 1984, Nancy embarked on a ten year adventure in Berlin, German, where she continued performing, teaching, participating in community theater and training with Yvonne Vendrig, former prima ballerina for Netherlands National Ballet Finally, it was time to go home and to continue with school, but instead of physical therapy, it was dance. After graduating with her BFA and MFA from Florida State University, Nancy taught in the Theater and Dance Department at Southwest Missouri State and American River Community College in Sacramento. Today, Nancy lives in Fayetteville with her son Richie.

"My goal as a teacher is to inspire the artistic as well as scientific aspects of dance through encouragement and positive feedback and to recognize the God given potential in each student, whether they want to dance professionally or teach or whether they just enjoy the physicality of movement and expression."

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