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Ellie Harman grew up in Tyrone, Georgia and began taking dance classes from Linda Wells at the age of four. Ellie began taking classes at Compass Dance Academy when it opened in 2009, and there she trained in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, and contemporary.

 After graduating high school, Ellie continued her dance training at Belhaven University receiving a Bachelor of Arts in dance. During her time at Belhaven, Ellie trained extensively in ballet and modern dance, also taking classes in improvisation, partnering techniques, choreography, and dance pedagogy. She was a part of the Belhaven University Dance Ensemble and Dance Ministry Ensemble, performing works by Stella Almblade, Abigail Hardy, Kellis Oldenburg, Cynthia Newland, and Ryan Corriston. 

Ellie looks forward to continuing to pursue her passion for dance and share it with others as she teaches at Compass Dance Academy and performs with local modern company, Profectus Dance. She is passionate about helping students gain the tools they need to express freely and connect with God through movement. Ellie enjoys incorporating creativity and imagination as she performs and teaches, desiring to bring glory to the Creator through every movement. 

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