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A native of England, Linda was a professional dancer when she came to the Lord, at a time when dance was not acceptable in Christian circles. After nearly 30 years as a missionary in two continents, and on an O.M. ship M.V. Logos, Linda finally discovered God's heart to restore and redeem dance to be all He intended--a powerful medium to direct people back to Him, the Great Creator of everything good! Linda travelled the length and breadth of Britain to teach both trained and non-trained dancers in worship before arriving in the States when her husband was invited to be C.O.O. at Operation Mobilization's U.S. Headquarters here in Tyrone, GA. Linda taught children to dance in worship for three years until Sara Gratzer and her peers in Refuge Dance Company partnered personally and professionally.  Dancelink, part of OMArts, the creative arts ministry of OM, has offered classes locally for the last five years, while sending dancers internationally to minister. With an expanding student base, God has wonderfully provided this fabulous faciliy for Compass Dance Academy.

As Director Linda seeks to offer spiritual oversight, excellence in dance, and mentoring to every precious heart that enters its doors she has a vision to impact the world with "the treasure of a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of that which is life indeed" (1 Tim 6:19).

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