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Creative Movement/Mom & Me

Creative Movement classes combine stories and music to help students develop motor skills, rhythm, flexibility, coordination, and confidence. Students will be introduced to beginning ballet steps, terminology, and the basics of dance in a joyous atmosphere. Perfect for little ones who just can't keep still! Some Creative Movement classes are 30 minutes in length while others are 45 minutes and include ballet and tap. Students must be three years old by Sept. 1 in order to enroll in creative movement for three year olds for the calendar year of Sept. 2019-May 2020. To sign up for a 4 year old creative movement/tap class, students MUST be at least four year olds by Sept 1.  To sign up for a 5 year old creative movement/tap class, students MUST be at least five years old by Sept. 1.  We will be strict on this to ensure a proper learning environment for everyone. Age brackets are designated by each class, so please sign up accordingly.


Ballet 1

Our beginning level, this class is designed to establish a basic foundation in ballet. Students develop muscular self-control, basic coordination and expression through beginning ballet steps. Through clear explanations of exercises and introducing ballet vocabulary in a simple, practical way, dancers will begin to build a solid foundation for a lifelong love of dance. Age brackets are designated by each class, so please sign up accordingly. Classes meet once a week for 1 hour and are combined with Tap 1.

Ballet 2

Ballet 2 is the next step after dancers have completed one to two years of Ballet 1. Body placement, flexibility, balance, alignment, strength and technique are just a few of the skills dancers will learn as they build a broader dance vocabulary. Class begins with work at the barre to build strength and coordination, followed by center exercises, culminating in a grand allegro combination. Age brackets are designated by each class, so please sign up accordingly. Classes meet once a week for 1 hour and 15 minutes up to an hour and a half and are combined with Tap 2.

Ballet 3 

Expanding on the Ballet 2 level, Ballet 3 students will advance their skills through more complicated barre and center exercises. This level is for students age 9 and over that have been evaluated and placed in this level class.

Lily, Tulip and Rose Placement Classes

These classes are placement only.  As students progress and we notice they are old enough and ready for more focused training, we may invite their participation in our placement class. 

Advanced Ballet

Students in Advanced Ballet must have a minimum of 4 years of dance training and be in the 7th grade or older. Classes will focus on developing a solid, complete ballet technique with emphasis on understanding correct body placement, proper use of turn out, and fluid coordination of the upper body through port de bras. We recommend that those in the advanced level take at least three ballet classes per week (all an hour and a half in length) plus one additional class. A student evaluation needs to happen before a student can register for this level class.


Students that are placed on pointe will work in their pointe shoes during normal ballet class time. Placement on pointe is at the sole discretion of the Compass teacher. Students in the Advanced level may be considered for pointe if the teacher thinks the student is ready technically and physically.

Tap,Jazz,Hip Hop


Students in tap class will develop a strong understanding of basic tap foundation, terminology, timing and rhythm. An emphasis will be placed on an explanation of terminology, precise tap sounds, coordination, and technical execution. Our tap classes are generally offered as part of a combo class with ballet included.


Students taking jazz will focus on technique and a strong understanding of body placement. An emphasis will be placed on an explanation of terminology, warm-up, isolations, and center work, while including turns, jumps, flexibility, and technical execution. Jazz class is only offered to students as they progress in their ballet skills, and are in a Level 3 class or higher, so it is not offered at the younger ages when students need to build a strong ballet foundation.


A fun energetic class for those looking to learn more about hip-hop and its different styles. The class will focus on hip hop technique including quick spins, isolation's and the mixture of sharp and fluid movements. Each class will conclude with an upbeat routine.  (Ages 7-19)


Our teen level classes (hip hop, ballet, teen/adult jazz and tap) are considered beginner/intermediate level. If you have dance experience and are a teenager, please contact us for placement.

Dance as Worship

Dance as Worship

Seeks to teach the heart of a true worshipper through dance while incorporating various genres of dance technique. With an excellent heart, this class will train up dancers to participate in God's call upon their lives, whether that be in the professional dance world, personal worship, or overseas in missionary endeavors. Classes meet once a week for 1 hour for ages 8 and over.  Worship dance is always included in the ballet poriton of class for Creative Movement and Foundational level students.

Adult Dance as Worship

Offers adults with or without dance experience the opportunity to move physically in worship using basic ballet/modern contemporary movement and sign language. Partnered with grace and co-ordination, adults will develop physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through the freedom of heart and mind, adults will find a greater understanding of spiritual warfare and worship through dance.

Private Lessons,Dance Reformer

Private Lessons

Compass offers private one on one hour long lessons for children and adults (8 years an up).  Cost is $40/one hour session.  Contact us to set up a lesson. Teacher availability is usually during the day (9 a.m. to 2 p.m.), but we can seek out other time options as well.

Dance Reformer

Similar to a pilates machine, the dance reformer will help dancers and non dancers develop certain muscles and improve coordination through a great low impact workout.  Classes are taught on an individual one on one basis.  $35/one hour session.  Contact us to set up a lesson.