Kwame Agyemang was born in Detroit Michigan. He moved to Columbus Georgia with his family in the early 90s. Kwame is grateful to be a husband to his wife Jasmine and a privileged father to Elizabeth Grace and Elijah Agyemang. Kwame is a graduate from Columbus State University and it is there he received a Bachelors of Science Degree in Sociology. Kwame works full-time for Emory Physician Group Practice and he is the founder of Truth Speaks Christian Clothing. In the past, Kwame attained a career as a hip hop choreographer and actor. After the Lord saved him at age 25, his desires switched to glorify God in all things instead of himself. Throughout the years Kwame has gone alongside OM International to share the Gospel through preaching, teaching and art. The Lord has allowed him to teach overseas in places like Hungary, Rome, Bobbio Pellice, and China. A life that was enslaved to sin and death has been made alive through the precious blood of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Now Kwame desires to proclaim the grace and truth of God by the Holy Spirit in all that he does.